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If you wish to contact Laboratorio Omega you may use our email address, info@labomega.com.ar, or the contact form, but please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions below first.

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

1) Can Linfol vaginal ovuli be used during pregnancy?

Untreated vaginal infections during pregnancy compromise the health of the fetus, therefore the patient should be treated with anti-infective vaginal ovuli with minimal vaginal absorption, such as Linfol vaginal ovuli.

2) When should I use the Linfol vaginal ovuli?

In general, it is advisable to use them at night before going to bed. Anyway, if it has to be done during the day, Linfol vaginal ovuli does not cause spills or an important vaginal discharge. It is only advisable sometimes to use a small pad if the woman is going to be very active.

3) Why should Lactinex vaginal tablets be kept in the refrigerator?

Vaginal ovuli containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, such as Lactinex, should be kept in the refrigerator because, since it is a biological product, it shall keep all its therapeutical properties as long as the cold chain is complied with.

4) How does Hidrogel act and how should I use it?

Hidrogel contains acid polycarbophil acid with properties of bio-adhesion and vaginal moisturizing. When the Hidrogel vaginal ovuli or cream is inserted into the vagina, the product remains attached to the vaginal wall during 48-72 hs. After that, there is a normal detachment of vaginal cells, removing the material placed. That is why Hidrogel should be applied 3 times per week to maintain a continuous feminine hydration.

5) Is there any new medication for treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome?

Everfem is Omega's new product that contains Pamabrom, Paracetamol, and Pyrilamine, which act in the relief from pain, elimination of liquids accumulated in edemas and tranquilizing the patient.

6) Is Everfem sold in other countries besides Argentina?

Everfem's formula has been sold for several years now in USA, Canada, Mexico and Chile with very good results.

7) How many types of vaginal ovuli does Omega manufacture

Omega is specialized in vaginal ovuli . At present, it manufactures 7 products in the form of vaginal tablets.

8) For how long may I use Hormodiol?

Hormodiol one-dose envelopes may be used, under medical control, for up to 3 years, after that the doctor decides on the basis of the controls performed.

9) What is the difference between Linfol, and Linfol Cicatrizant vaginal ovuli?

Both of them have anti-infective properties for the most frequent vulvovaginitis in women. Linfol is renown due to the fast relief from symptoms. Linfol Cicatrizant has centella asiatica, which has been shown to accelerate the cure of cervical injuries and ectopias.